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A new paradigm in optics and medicine.


The Microscope Meets Phone Skope

Phone Skope optics adapters allow scientists, researchers and clinicians to get more from the lab by mounting a mobile phone directly to the microscope. This allows for instantaneous capture of specimen measurements and advanced analysis.

Bring AI to the Microscope

Skoped AI is a technology platform allowing users to obtain more capability from their optic with Phone Skope products and mobile devices. Utilizing cutting-edge computer vision technology developed specifically for the laboratory and medical sciences, researchers and clinicians can provide more timely diagnoses by capturing real-time footage of their microscope specimens.  Gain more insight into medical conditions or data set and provide more confidence in your diagnosis with artificial intelligence on a mobile device.

Some capabilitie of the Skoped AI platform include:

  • Capture real-time footage of the microscope field-of-view
  • Track and identify movement of specimen activity
  • Classify patterns, anomalies, and medical conditions with image recognition
  • Save time and costs on research and diagnoses
  • Take advantage of new technologies of our phones through a microscope

For use with a common lab microscope, the platform will soon be available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android. 


Clinically Validated and Recognized

Dr. Cade Wilson discusses the advantages of using a Phone Skope with Skoped AI technology in his clinical practice. Advanced camera capturing features have helped his clinic provide more accurate and timely diagnoses.

Learn how our platform is giving clinics and research institutes more capability for less and setting the new standard for medical optics.

Fields of Use





Veterinary Sciences






Coming Soon

Anomaly Detection

Reduce False Positive Readings


Use Skoped AI to validate a doctor's readings or to identify potentially overlooked patterns within slide specimen. Reduce clinical call-backs and increase accuracy on diagnoses.

Detect and Track with AI


Classify and detect anomalies with a dedicated artificial intelligence model not dependent on an internet connection. Models can be trained to detect one or several hundred anomalies simultaneously.

Products Tailored To You

Products that get smarter with time


Take comfort in knowing that each  Skoped AI product is constantly evolving and getting smarter with time - finally a technology that learns to your taste and preferences in a medical or scientific setting.

Unprecedented Accuracy


Our Artificial Intelligence  platform has been trained and validated on terabytes worth of data over months to provide you with unbelievable precision in detection and diagnosis.